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August 31, 2014


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 I was raining yesterday.

 The hope in me shone like the sun, but there was water between it and my face.

 I saw you and the sun tumbled to the surface.
 You were the only face I wanted to see,
 and you didn't disappoint.
 You were so beautiful,
 just like I remembered.

 You smiled at me and played my songs.
 Your voice filled my ears and the smell of you filled the car.
 I was easily overloaded.
 My eyes did not know what to do.
 I was so happy to see you,
 and sad my visit was so short.
 I began to rain silently.
 I would know your touch anywhere.
 You accidentally brushed against me -
 arm to arm -
 involuntarily, I shut my eyes
 my breathing and heart rate slowed
 everything fell into place.

 The touch ceased quickly
 and the peace that had washed over me left.

 I was empty again.

 I gravitated instinctively towards the space between your neck and shoulder,
 but caught myself just in time.
 Months ago, you might have received me,
 but nowadays I am a stranger.
 I am very small.
 Easy to fit into all your spaces.
 I am more aware of them now.
 Neck to shoulder -
 between your fingers -
 the space inside your arms -
 I wanted to reach out and be welcomed there.
 But, too late, you reached for her.
 And her arms circled round you like mine will never do.

 I was raining yesterday.

i was raining yesterdayby infinite-ego-man

Literature / Poetry / Emotional / Free Verse©2014-2015 infinite-ego-man
amazingmle11 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's really beautiful! I love all the gorgeous metaphors and the sadness of this poem. It's really powerful.
infinite-ego-man Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
thank you so much. it just kind of came to me while it was all happening. the weather was really weird that day; it was pouring down rain but the sun was still shining. i remember looking out of the car window and thinking that i felt like that - like i was raining but there was also sunshine behind it. so i wrote about it. 

i'm so glad that you liked it. thank you for your comment, i really appreciate it.
amazingmle11 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome! :D
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